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Data Science/NLP/Data Analyst Virtual Internship ( 30 July 24-Oct 2024)

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Data Science Industrial Training + Virtual Internship

Virtual Internship Features


Virtual Internship Details

  • This is a 13 weeks program and can be extended for university students.

  • There is no stipend as we will not be utilizing the work of intern and there is no time constraint from our side (No minimum logging hours, you are allowed to work on assigned task as per your availability)

  • There is no contract and you can quit or ask for extension if you have any emergency.

  • Virtual internship will provide you same environment as you will get in the industry.

  • Mentorship option will be available to students even after the completion of the program.

  • Everything will be done virtually and task/project and other deliverables will be assigned through dashboard.

  • You will get both individual as well as group assignments during this internship.

  • Data Glacier will not utilize the work of interns and intern will have full right to use and brand the data product/code developed during this internship

  • This is intern driven program.

  • This is not a course.

  • Data Glacier will provide the Internship completion certificate after successful completion of the program.

  • Data Glacier will educate intern on relevant topics of this internship through webinars (given by industry experts)

  • Intern will get opportunity to understand end to end lifecycle of Data and Analytics (including data engineering).

Selection Process

Step 1: Apply 

Fill out the application form or apply directly on Linkedin

Step 2 : Block Seat 

If you get shortlisted, Data Glacier Virtual Internship team will email you link to block seat

Step 3 : Offer letter and Dashboard access


Upon successful completion of step 2, Data Glacier  Virtual Internship team will email you offer letter and dashboard access 

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